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6" BLEMISHED Genuine Speed Squares X2

6" BLEMISHED Genuine Speed Squares X2



These 6" #genuinespeedsquares are every bit as accurate as their non-blemished version. No one is perfect and sometimes mistakes happen. I have a batch that were bent backwards, so the slot is on the opposite side. It does not change their functionality or accuracy. They just aren't the same as what I normally offer.

They are being sold at a discount due to the slot placement.


 Sold in pairs.

Laser cut from 0.25" hot rolled pickled and oiled steel (HRPO). They have been CNC formed on an Amada press brake.

16mm holes. 2" on center hole spacing. They work with 5/8" tables as well.

A 1" tape slot has been added to help aid in checking overall squareness when building frames.

Accurate to within +/- 0.2°

Each hole is hand chamfered. Every square is hand finished.