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Copper soft pads 1.3" for 11SP/ Bessey TW16 1" Vice Grip 6SP/ 9SP 1.75" Bessey F clamp

Copper soft pads

Copper soft pads



Scratches happen. And to be honest, who doesn't need a hand every once in a while. Whether it keeping your material looking fresh or you need a backer for that weld; these copper pads will make life a little easier. 

This batch has batch of 0.032" copper has been cut on the waterjet. Deburred and sanded with 120 grit for a uniform finish. 

Currently offered in 3 sizes: 

1" OD: Vice Grip 6SP/ 9SP

1.3" OD: Vice Grip 11SP/ Bessey TW16 

1.75" Bessey F clamps


Sold as a set of 4. 

$32 shipped

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